QUESTION: I would like to know how do I know that all my chakras or energy fields are cleared and balanced? How do I manifest love, peace, joy and abundance into my life?

ANSWER: You can tell if your chakras are clear and balanced by the way you feel, and by how your life is working or not working for you. Chakra imbalance also reflects pain in the body and health issues. When your chakras are cleared and balanced ~ enough for 51% of the kundalini “divine creator energy” within each one of us to move through them ~ your chakras will become activated, and you will merge with your higher self. However, chakra work is always a work in progress….regardless if you have merged with your higher self or not. Our chakras get blocked throughout our daily life…..emotions, fear, stress, negative behavioral patterns and negative thinking can throw our chakras out of balance. That is why meditation and spiritual practice are so important….it clears the …energy fields, and brings us back into a state balance. Love, peace, joy and abundance are all reflective of a balanced energy/chakra field. Whatever is in our chakras or subconscious mind will draw like circumstances to us. If we want love, peace, joy and abundance in our life we need to raise our vibrations, heal the soul’s energy field/chakra system, and release the distorted negative subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck in limitation. In order to change our future we have to change our now….and that begins with self acceptance, self love, forgiveness of the self and the willingness and desire to  honestly “Face The Self”  making the changes within us so we can bring our own heaven (state of consciousness) here down on Earth. In addition, it is important to understand, when the old distorted energies begin to heal they will come up to be transmuted. This is a form of soul alchemy where we turn our darkness (lead) into the LIGHT (gold) of greater awareness. Gold is symbolic of the “Christ Self” energies, or the return of Christ, which is our very own Christ Consciousness. In order to turn our dense energy into a more light filled crystalline energy we will need to process through it….as energy never dies, it must be transformed into a higher vibration. During this process, many people will go through a healing crisis (“Christ”-is) where they may not feel so joyful and loving. This is simply a phase of soul ascension where our stored pain, negative beliefs and karma rises to the surfaces to be healed so it can be replaced with a new higher vibrating, more “life affirming” energy. ~Sabrina For guidance, assistance and a deeper understanding ~ I suggest the “Raise Your Vibration” book to support you on your soul’s journey. Click the link below for more information on the book:

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