We’re Back!!!

And…. We’re back! Sorry that it’s been so long. This business is MOVING to North Dakota, the land of the rolling fields and wonderfully cool temperatures! I’ve been in Minot North Dakota for about a year for school at Minot State, and it has been a truly wonderful and inspiring adventure. North Dakota has reborn my faith in humanity and in the decency of people in general.
Aside from that though, I intend to transfer my massage license to North Dakota and begin building my business there as soon as possible. I’ll be located somewhere in Minot at first, but after I graduate, I may move to a smaller community. I’d like to know all my clients one on one like a family. Time will tell. God willing, my business will be up and running within the year! Come check us out. I’ll be posting the who, what, when, where, why, and hows as they come to pass! Thank you for your continued support of my business and dream to help others!