The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness


QUESTION: Will raising our vibrations help with our health issues?

QUESTION: Will raising our vibrations help with our health issues?

ANSER: Yes raising our vibration will help with health issues because the more spiritual light we are able to integrate into our being the higher level of healing and regeneration will happen. Many of our health issues are due to emotional, mental and spiritual blocks in our energetic/chakra system. As we raise our vibration, we clear the distortions within us creating a less obstructed flow of life force energy flowing through our entire being. HOWEVER, in the process of raising our vibration, our health issues may intensify as everything is brought to the surface to be transformed and healed. True healing is soul/spiritual healing…..we have to work through our stored pain, karmic miasims and darkness before we get to the LIGHT of greater awareness so we can access the EXTRA “life force energy” needed to truly heal ourselves. ~Sabrina